Mathias Meyer, Co-founder and Former CEO of Travis CI

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After helping found Travis CI and grow into the CEO role over six years, Mathias recently left Travis and starting helping other companies with their growth challenges. We talked about the difficulty of leaving and moving on after six years and the tactics that have helped him work through it.

We also talk about the operational side of growth. While we all want revenue to grow, sometimes, we fail to think about how that growth affects operations and requires significant attention to the operational side of the business. We also touch on how bootstrapping lends itself to slower and steady growth with a little less stress.

We discuss how Travis CI's support of open source projects started out simply as support for the open source community but had the wonderful side effect of great marketing. However, in the case of Travis, scaling to support so many free projects early on wasn't without its own challenges.

And we cover some of the challenges of being a german business and doing business internationally while also having a remote team working asynchronously across time zones with nine hours of difference.

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